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 http:BL returning not found for spammer IPs
Author: C.Lovejoy   (29 Jun 12 7:40am)

We've had great results using http:BL over the past few weeks. Since we implemented a combined http:BL/ReCaptcha policy on our contact forms we've not had a single spam message get through.

Last night, however we had several come through. The source IPs are listed as known spammers in the IP database but http:BL queries for those IPs return a not found response. I've also tested using some addresses from the directory of malicious IPs and received the same response for some and a correct response for others.

One of the spammer IPs that got through on our site:

% host <key>
Host <key> not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

One listed on the Malicious IP page:
% host <key>
Host <key> not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

And another from the Malicious IP page (which works):
% host has address

After testing a good number of the listed IPs it appears that none of the IP addresses listed with a first contact date of 2012-06-28 are appearing in the http:BL list. Is there a delay in updating the list for http:BL that could be causing this?

 Re: http:BL returning not found for spammer IPs
Author: H.User1325   (9 Jul 12 10:40pm)
Now that I have the http:BL API working, and finely got a comment spammer to leave a comment on the updated webpage, I have basically the same question. left a comment and http:BL returned NXDOMAIN

When I use the IP Lookup seems that the response should have been: i.e. last seen 1 week ago, threat level 15, comment spammer. URL's in the comment I received are the same domain as listed in the IP Lookup, and similar keywords.
 Re: http:BL returning not found for spammer IPs
Author: S.Metler2   (15 Nov 12 5:42pm)
Hi there,

Same here ...

I am seeing a lot (not just one or two) obvious spammers that are not found in the http:BL DNS query, but those same IPs return results on the ProjectHoneyPot website (so they are in fact represented in the ProjectHoneyPot data.)

// working has address

// spammer - not in http:BL not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

// project honey pot website results with Threat Rating = 16

Any advice would be appreciated!

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