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 http:BL status
Author: G.Caleval   (15 Mar 12 9:30am)
In preparation for the possible installation of httpbl on my server, I have been reviewing the forum.

There are quite a lot of unanswered questions about whether or not the service is being actively supported and if it is actually functional.

If PHPot is unavailable to address the matter, are there users here that have the service installed and are finding that it is consistently working?

I don't want to install something that either gives a false sense of security or, worse, if it's not actively supported could ultimately become a vulnerability itself.

Don't misread. I love the Project, donate MX entries and use the pots. I just would like some advice regarding the BL service.

Many thanks
 Re: http:BL status
Author: J.Stoev   (21 Mar 12 12:51pm)
It's active and running:) You just need proper implementation. I will post yet another one today or tomorrow (PHP). The information from the pots is being collected, you can see IPs with last activity a few days back. As for the message board, the people aren't very active here, they just comment on IPs.

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