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 Simple C# (.NET) implementation
Author: B.Farkas   (2 Feb 12 4:37am)
Hello folks,

I created a simple C# (.NET) implementation for http:BL.
The download is here:
It's completely free software, do whatever you wish with it...

Inside you'll find the HttpBlQuerier class. Just call the Lookup(string ip, string accessKey) method with the appropriate parameters and you'll receive a result which can be:

NotOnBlacklist (for addresses that are "clean", not on the blacklist)
OnBlacklist (for ANY address that is on the blacklist)
ErrorOccurred (for ANY error during the querying process).

The class also has a Windows Forms program wrapped around it for easy testing.

As I said this is a simple implementation, so it does not deal with different threat values and so on, but can be easily extended.

Thanks for this wonderful service!
 Re: Simple C# (.NET) implementation
Author: A.Pisikyan   (20 Aug 13 1:48pm)
Nice... Ty.. i was trying to do it with http request/response witout luck :P
 Re: Simple C# (.NET) implementation
Author: E.Peacock   (20 Sep 17 1:21pm)
I know this is a bit dated, but any chance your C# implementation is still hanging around? I tried the tinyurl link, no luck.

Would love to take a look and would be sure to share-back any improvements, changes, etc.

Thank you!

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