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 apache2 module doesn't seem to work
Author: M.Jones23   (20 Dec 11 10:13am)

I have read over a few posts here and the general rule is, if the diagnostics page loads and everything is green, it is "working".

However, this is not the case for me.

The diagnostics page is all green, however I'm still getting all the usual comment spam. If i do a lookup on any of the ip addresses that have spammed my site, they usually come back with a record: has address

Yet, the apache module didn't block the request?

Here is my apache config:

HTTPBLLogDir /var/log/httpbl
HTTPBLAccessKey myaccesscode
HTTPBLDefaultAction allow
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:0 allow
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-30:0-255:255 deny

Any idea's why this isn't working?


// Edit...

I have since setup "bad-behavior" on my websites to send HTTP 403 errors to users who are blacklisted, and I have unloaded the apache module. This seems to work perfectly.


Post Edited (20 Dec 11 12:25pm)

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