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 what does http:BL modules logs under "HTTPBLLogDir"?
Author: Y.Kitagawa   (14 Dec 11 7:10pm)

I am wondering what kind of logs should be logged under "HTTPBLLogDir". I configured my Apache(2.2.21) with the configuration bellow after installing mod_httpbl into my server.

LoadModule modules/
<IfModule mod_httpbl.c>
HTTPBLLogDir /var/log/httpd/httpbl/
HTTPBLAccessKey **My Access Key**
# any additional server-wide directives

I took time to figure it out that the LogDir needs to be writable by apache whoever your apahce runs by and yes finally i got the file "httpbl_diagnostics_test.txt" under my LogDir as I access http://whatevermyserveris/httpbl_diagnostics/ and it shows "[ + ] Write to the log directory (/var/log/httpd/httpbl/)" .

If you already have log files under the LogDir, would you tell me what is in it and if possible when httpbl loges.

Best regards,

Yukihisa Kitagawa

Post Edited (14 Dec 11 7:11pm)

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