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 Is http:BL working?
Author: H.User4239   (4 Oct 11 7:54am)
I'm troubleshooting my http:BL implementation which has worked for years. Recently the IP address got past the http:BL lookup. According to the project honey pot website, it is an active comment spammer with a threat rating of 29. When I query http:BL with the url, the response I get back is my webserver IP address (which I expect when no entry is found) rather than (or something thereabouts). I'm curious, what changed, or what am I missing?

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 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: G.Baltzell   (1 Nov 11 8:01am)
I'm getting this again today for MOST bad IPs. Note I said most but not all. All test IPs work.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: G.Baltzell   (1 Nov 11 10:38am)
And it seems to be OK again.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: G.Baltzell   (3 Nov 11 6:30am)
NOT working correctly this morning.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: G.Baltzell   (3 Nov 11 6:06pm)
Partially back this afternoon. Seems to be OK now.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: H.User4239   (7 Nov 11 1:41pm)
Yea - no luck here. IP shows a threat rating of 9 on the website, however the black list returns the server address...
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: L.Liljegren   (10 Nov 11 4:32am)
I'm a newbie. I was coming here to ask what I was doing wrong. Many IP's just return the query I sent. When I send something like this: and look at the first four entries in the array, I find they are: (mykey,20,196,109 ). If the IP isn't listed in the honey pot, I always get this, but I sometimes get it for IP's that have high threats.

Sometimes I get (127,x,y,z). If I check, when I get the 127, it's always correct.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: G.Baltzell   (10 Nov 11 3:38pm)
IPs that return the same as the query are supposed to mean they are not listed.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: S.Watt2   (23 Nov 11 10:29pm)
And another "it doesn't seem to be working". returns NXDOMAIN right now (23 Nov 2011 22:27 PST). And there's definitely a listing for at

Is it time to switch to rsyncing the zone? Is someone else republishing it, by chance?

Oh, and yes, the test addresses work fine. Sigh.

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 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: M.Schnell2   (24 Nov 11 3:20am)
Also not working since Nov 24th here...
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: M.Schlumpf2   (3 Jan 12 4:37am)
Not working again, Spammer get through. >.<
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: A.Schipper   (10 Jan 12 6:55am)
Same issue here as well. IPs that are listed on:
are giving me NXDOMAIN responses.

Anyone knows what is going on? Anyone from Project Honey Pot reading this and has an idea?
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: M.Fourcade   (24 Jan 12 9:50am)
Same here :(
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: T.Walton2   (25 Jan 12 5:57pm)
It looks like it's just on auto-pilot.
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: M.Fourcade   (27 Jan 12 6:39pm)
Still not working :(
 Re: Is http:BL working?
Author: P.Lucas2   (29 Jan 12 4:20am)
Not working...

Getting comment spams e.g. from as it's not listed in http:BL even though the Project Honeypot database lists it as a comment spam source...

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