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 periodic issue of dns
Author: A.Scott8   (7 Jul 11 8:05am)

I have installed httplb apache2 module and it works fine. However, it don't work for some period : it's the dns who don't reply anymore. Is there a rate limit for dns request from a same IP or ID or maybe there is an issue ?

Log when work:
HTTPBL: IP/URL combination denied by mod_httpbl configuration; IP: {}; RBL-value:{}

And test that dont work:
host -t A
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Thanks for the project and future answer.

 Re: periodic issue of dns
Author: A.Scott8   (18 Jul 11 2:21am)
Don't work this morning from 10h45CEST 'till ??h??
 Re: periodic issue of dns
Author: G.Gwen   (20 Jul 11 2:38am)
same prob using nslookup ...
Does anyone know why ?

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