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 Http:BL for Win2K/IIS5 HTML & PHP pages
Author: L.S9   (16 Jun 11 11:47am)
In my searching it appears no one has made a script specially for windows/iis that can work on plain normal html pages or ordinary php that is not a cms plugin application.

Is anyone interested in a script to use http:BL that will work on normal html pages or php on windows/iis servers ? The object is to be able to add this and use it on just a normal html type website or any type of php page. In addition to realtime blocking (send spammer to honeypot or deny access) it will also write a list of blocked ips to a text file. It has been tested for a few weeks now on W2K and IIS5 and should also work on any version of IIS with php enabled.

To get a copy and installing instructions go to :
Contact me using the email link at the top of the page.
 Re: Http:BL for Win2K/IIS5 HTML & PHP pages
Author: M.Harden   (27 Sep 11 1:08pm)
Does this work with the IIS 6.1 that comes with Windows 7 Professional? I tried following the instructions but pretty sure I'm missing some feature.

Where it says, "Click on Home directory and then configuration.". Configuration is not clickable for me.
 Re: Http:BL for Win2K/IIS5 HTML & PHP pages
Author: L.S9   (1 Mar 12 2:56pm)
I am quite certain it should work on any version of IIS as it uses a php page to execute the look up by using it as a "required page" or php "include". The problem to get it to work on html type pages is that html is read as html, therefore ignores a php command in the html. You can put html into a php page, but you cannot put php into a html page normally and have it work. This is why the server has to be set to parse all html pages as php, so it can understand the php command to fetch the httpbl page before allowing access or displaying the html content.

For any other normal php page, all you have to do is add the
"require" or "include" command at the very top of the page and be sure the directory to find the file is set properly, for example it may need ./ or ../ to work properly depending on the folder level. If it is not set proper, then it will display a blank page instead of content.

For IIS 6.1 which I am not familiar with, as to exactly where script (app) mapping is found, it should be home directory/configuration same as IIS5, what you want to do is be able to add a script mapping which tells the server that .htm or .html extensions uses the php5isapi.dll to parse the pages, in other words, you are mapping html to the php parser instead of as it normally is. Then what happens is that the server will read all htm or html pages as php pages instead, still displaying html content after checking the requesting IP, and it also has the ability to call the php script first before opening the page or allowing access. If the IP requesting is a bad IP, then it blocks access and instead writes the IP to a text file for you.

This page has some diagrams (fig6.1) for showing how to map scripts and also it seems that Windows has a bug where some items are greyed out unless properly filled in, the below instruction may be helpful for that:

Microsoft has published a workaround:

Right-click the individual Web site or the Web Sites folder, and then click Properties.
On the Home Directory tab, click Configuration.
Under Application Configuration, click Add, and then click the Mappings tab.
With the Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping dialog box open, click Browse to select the .exe file or the .dll file from the local path on the Web server.

Note You must type the path to a valid file in the Executable text box or the OK button remains unavailable. The easiest way to make sure that you enter a valid path is to select the file by using the Browse button.
After the path appears in the Executable text box, click in the Executable text box to initialize the path.
Click in the Extension space, and then type the file name extension.

Note You must enter the period (.) in front of the extension in the Extension text box, or the OK button remains unavailable.
When the OK button becomes active, click OK to continue.


And last but not least - if the configure button is greyed out or does not work, then probably it is due to a misconfiguration of the server install, as it should allow access to the App Mappings by default, otherwise you cannot change any features like mapping to php,perl or asp or adding extensions to properly parse xml pages etc.

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