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Author: B.Richards6   (18 May 11 11:42am)

I compiled and installed httBL, and it appears to be functioning. Visiting /httpbl_diagnostics/ however reveals that both "Write to the log directory" (/var/log/httpd/) and "Write to the repos directory" (/etc/httpd/logs/ .. which is a symbolic link to /var/log/httpd) both fail.

Resolve and reach the RBL domain ( is Green OK!

My httpd.conf entries are:

<IfModule mod_httpbl.c>
HTTPBLLogDir /var/log/httpd
HTTPBLAccessKey myaccesskey
HTTPBLDefaultAction allow
# Serve all search engines
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:0 allow
# Deny any requests originating from IPs known to Project Honey Pot
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:255 deny

This is on a CentOS5 server running Apache2

Apache logs everything just fine, the httbl module fails to log, so I can't say for sure it is working properly.

Any help would be appreciated


 Re: Logging
Author: E.Gillette2   (16 Jun 11 10:24am)

It's working properly if you got to that point.

I had the same issue, and had to actually spoof my IP address to test if it was working, and it did indeed block me the way it was supposed to.

Unfortunately documentation and stuff for the module is a bit sparse, and hard to find, but if you got that far, it's working properly buddy! =0)

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