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 Failed to write to log directory
Author: H.User1462   (1 Apr 11 1:51pm)
Good afternoon,

I just got the http:BL module loaded into apache2 and it seems to be working. However, when I load the /httpbl_diagnostics/ page, it's reporting it can't write to the log directory, which I've created.

[ - ] Write to the log directory (/var/log/apache2/httpbl/)

I've manually created this directory, and have even tried to chmod it to 777, with no luck.
All of the other checks report back as passing.

Any insight?
 Re: Failed to write to log directory
Author: L.Andersen   (5 Aug 11 8:51am)

I made a directory log under my website /root and the reference is:
$filename = "./log/httpbl-log.txt"; remember the dot at start

if this don't work try with the full path.

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