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 API working?
Author: M.Ford4   (9 Feb 11 4:35am)
Yesterday I created an Access Key and started building / testing. It worked initially but now it's not working at all, all the IPs I throw at it are coming back as not listed (NXDOMAIN). I've tried many IPs which are listed via the website. Is this a common problem?

 Re: API working?
Author: M.Ford4   (9 Feb 11 11:49am)
Okay, all is good now, it's working again. Thank you to whoever fixed it.
 Re: API working?
Author: S.Zinski   (13 Feb 11 9:14am)
Doesn't seem to work this morning... my last log entry was 5:55 AM (it's past noon now). Seeing lots of dictionary attacks in my forum log (bad passwords from the same IP addresses) but my API is not stopping them for some reason (e.g.,
 Re: API working?
Author: S.Zinski   (13 Feb 11 6:42pm)
Working now.
 Re: API working?
Author: S.Zinski   (14 Feb 11 5:55am)
Now it's not working again (stopped working at 3:39 a.m.)... my forum error log is filling up with dictionary attacks again. Is there a problem with the honey pot server(s)?
 Re: API working?
Author: S.Zinski   (14 Feb 11 8:16am)
And, again, as of 5 am this morning... NOT working.

What gives?
 Re: API working?
Author: K.Penton   (19 Feb 11 3:42am)
Lookups don't seem to be working this morning - I have httpbl checks on two sites, and they've been working well (I don't even offer a form to those who register over my thresholds).

Inputs on both sites with the test value come back as expected, but 30 attempts from one IP address ( with a score on the HP website lookup page well over my threshold got through this morning.

Fortunately I also have other checks (token value on the form, message rejected if it contains HTML address links) that limit the damage to an email alert to me.

Is there anywhere we can check the status of the BL database and API?

 Re: API working?
Author: D.Morante   (21 Feb 11 10:05pm)
That explains my trouble, I guess it's not working right now.

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