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 API needed for SMF mod?
Author: S.Doikas   (13 Feb 11 3:09pm)
Do I need an API to run the SMF mod? In the mod instructions I see:

3.- After you get your first honey pot activated, ask them for your own http:BL API key.

I have already installed a honey pot.
 Re: API needed for SMF mod?
Author: S.Zinski   (13 Feb 11 6:42pm)
Yes, you do. It's easy and you can do it online here.
 Re: API needed for SMF mod?
Author: S.Doikas   (14 Feb 11 3:44pm)
Sorry, how do I do it?
 Re: API needed for SMF mod?
Author: C.S3   (16 Feb 11 10:36am)
Look around this section of the site when logged in:

do not follow this link

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