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 How to put http:BL in httpd.conf?
Author: M.Bishof   (18 Dec 10 11:57am)
This piece is in my httpd.conf:

<IfModule mod_httpbl.c>
HTTPBLLogDir /usr/log
HTTPBLAccessKey 'here is mine'
HTTPBLDefaultAction allow
# Serve all search engines
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:0 allow
# Deny any requests originating from IPs known to Project Honey Pot to be suspicious or offensive.
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:255 deny

But I am not sure if it works. How do I know? How to log?
 Re: How to put http:BL in httpd.conf?
Author: E.Gillette2   (1 Mar 11 2:52pm)
I know your post is a bit older, but I figured I'd help you out anyway. . .

Go to your domain:

If that page loads, then you have successfully installed the module.

do not follow this link

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