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 My hostingproviders blocks your IP's
Author: ..CompUsers   (7 Dec 10 10:19am)
I did implement HTTP:BL on a lot of Drupal sites. One club has a hostingprovider who blocks all outbound IP-addresses except a few. When I can provide the IP-addresses or URL's I use the hostingprovider will unblock these addresses.
This morning I implemented HTTP:BL on a Drupalsite of this club. After uploading the honeypot and checking for correct working I got this error:
"Unable to contact the Server. Are outbound connections disabled? ....".
I presume this has to do with blocking your IP-address.

In the php file I found:
define('__REQUEST_HOST', '');
and requested to unblock this URL. They unblocked IP-address:, but this doesn't help.

Any idea what IP-addresses to unblock?



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