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 Clarification on response
Author: H.User5946   (29 Nov 10 6:53am)
I just spotted the following reply in my logs (I've attempting to validate how well my mod_perl http:BL plugin is working). ""

"This IP has not seen any suspicious activity within the last 3 months. This IP is most likely clean and trustworthy now. (This record will remain public for historical purposes, however.)"

And further detail shows: Last Received From within 1 year, 4 months, 2 weeks

# host A

So why is the reply "" ? That says Threat level 5 and last seen 26 days ago.

Paul Gregg

Same goes for:

[Aside: Why do I post as H.User5946 ? That didn't used to be the case]

Post Edited (29 Nov 10 7:33am)

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