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Author: A.Vul   (9 Oct 10 2:39am)
Is there a lighttpd module for this? Seeing as my server is hosted on a desktop machine, I find Apache a bit of a hog, and am more fond of Lighttpd's httpd.conf.
 Re: lighttpd?
Author: D.Daster   (11 Oct 10 10:23pm)
Not as far as i know.

What MIGHT be possible though is protection for your end application. If you maintain a website based on a CMS, that CMS may have support for the project.

In my case, i run nginx, and i created my own interface to the project and it works great. (Ever since they fixed a bug i reported)
 Re: lighttpd?
Author: G.Hazel   (19 Oct 10 11:47pm)
Are you willing to publish your own interface? I use nginx and could use something similar.
 Re: lighttpd?
Author: J.Dickerson   (18 Feb 11 4:39pm)
I would be very interested in anything for nginx or lighttpd or really every other web server out there. Users of SMF are in need of this with numerous attacks going on across the web.

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