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 Perl wrapper now on CPAN
Author: C.Mills   (3 Apr 10 10:52am)

I created an OO perl wrapper for the http::BL api. It's now available on CPAN here at the url below:

I hope someone out there finds this helpful. If you find issues, or wish it had additional features let me know and I'll update it.

-- Chris
 Re: Perl wrapper now on CPAN
Author: L.Holloway   (10 Jun 10 1:09pm)
Awesome! Putting this up on the http:BL implementation page.
 Re: Perl wrapper now on CPAN
Author: E.Adler2   (26 Oct 10 8:22am)
Nice work C.Mills.
Don't you need perl 5.12+ for Carp to work? I am working an Ubuntu 10.10 (perl 5.10.1) LAMP and as far as I know there is no ppa for perl.

I am thinking about compiling the newest perl but I know from experience it is very easy to brake your established system when doing this.

You have any recomendtions?

Post Edited (26 Oct 10 8:23am)
 Re: Perl wrapper now on CPAN
Author: X.Robin   (28 Oct 10 5:03am)
Carp has been in base perl for years (I checked perl 5.3 and it was already there). No need for a recent perl. As soon as you have the "perl-base" package in ubuntu (and I can't imagine any Ubuntu running without that) you have Carp ok.

If you're not convinced, type:

perl -MCarp -e 'print "ok\n"'

If it's not there you'll get an error (Can't locate in @INC … blah blah), but undoubtedly you'll get an "ok" line ! (If you get an error, ask on an Ubuntu forum because you've something very, very, very wrong with your system).

You can build perl if you want. Just make sure to install it in /opt (with --prefix=/opt/perl) or anywhere else as long as it doesn't override your system's perl.

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