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 Installing http:BL on Fedora with Apache2 help please
Author: D.Suitters   (17 Dec 09 3:44am)
Been using the Links for a while now, and would like to move onto using the Apache Module http:BL

I've got the mod_httpbl.c file in a folder on the server in a folder called htbl in the root directory.

Upon following the instructions in the install.txt file, I have to use /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/apcs -c -i -a mod_httpbl.c to install the module.

This is as far I get, I get back the error:
sh: gcc: command not found
apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=127

My best guess is that gcc isn't being found, or am I wrong?

If this was Debian based I'd prob be able to figure it out, but the server is Fedora.

Apache 2.0.54 is installed.
I'm accessing remotely using SSH.

I've sent this same help plee to the Hoster as well, in case they've modified the location of some files for security reasons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 Re: Installing http:BL on Fedora with Apache2 help please
Author: D.Suitters   (22 Dec 09 8:10am)
Not very happy, about this, when compiling the mod_httpbl.c file, GCC reports that there are segmentation fault errors all through the code.

Surely, this project is something worth keeping alive, if I knew more C/C++ I would make my own implementation, I'll be learning C soon for Linux, so I may give this some more thought soon.
 Re: Installing http:BL on Fedora with Apache2 help please
Author: M.Prince   (23 Dec 09 6:46pm)
The mod_httpbl plugin was originally developed by someone internally who left to go back to school. Unfortunately, we haven't had anyone else on the team with enough knowledge of the underlying Apache code to keep updates coming. While lots of folks are using the current codebase, you are definitely correct that it is in need of a major refresh. If anyone is interested in updating the code, we'd be happy to provide support and assistance.

In the meantime, you can use other interfaces to http:BL that have been written to take advantage of the API. Learn more by clicking on Services.

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