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 Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: S.Fatula   (26 Sep 09 1:55pm)
Or, is development going to be restarted?
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: M.Prince   (28 Sep 09 3:54am)
The person on our internal team who was building the project left. However, the code is open sourced and available on SourceForge. We welcome anyone who'd like to pick it up and move it forward.
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: V.Kujala   (26 Nov 09 2:35pm)
oops, sorry for cross-post to bug/devel thread..
but, I see no files listed on the sourceforge site,
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: M.Prince   (26 Nov 09 4:06pm)
I pinged someone to look into it. Last I looked the files were there, but it's been a while since I looked.
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: A.KULATUNGA   (27 Nov 09 11:20am)
No files yet.
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (30 Nov 09 2:36pm)
The files are available under the CVS tree. You can access the files here:
 Re: Is Apache http:bl dead?
Author: G.Hill3   (1 Jun 13 12:19pm)
I am getting spammed to the shisterhouster by some chinese domain, it is listed in Honeypot, and I have a honeypot installed, I would like to use the apache module to blocke these loosers, it is so unclear how to install or where to find the apapche module.

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