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 Get http:BL
Author: N.Hall3   (24 Jul 09 11:22am)
Where can I get the http:BL module for Apache? I looked on Sourceforge and there are no files to be downloaded.
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: E.Langheinrich   (28 Jul 09 11:47am)
The code is currently only available through the CVS tree. You can get the files by visiting:
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: C.Miele   (3 Aug 09 4:14pm)
I downloaded from Here's the direct link:

Post Edited (3 Aug 09 4:20pm)
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: P.Gregg   (16 Mar 10 7:58pm)
If you have a cvs client, the following commands are what you can use to download the repo...

cvs login

It will ask for a password - just hit enter (for no password).

cvs -z3 co -P mod_httpbl_for_apache_2.0

Your local directory will then (after several seconds) have a directory called mod_httpbl_for_apache_2.0 with the source code inside.
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: R.HEMESH   (3 Feb 11 2:28pm)
Extremely complicated to download the http:BL from CVS. I tried using Tortoise but nothing worked. Is there any easier way to download the module.
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: E.Gillette2   (1 Mar 11 3:24pm)
Hey just so you all know.. ..

I've decided to publish the file on my server:

That should help you folks who couldn't find it or whatever.

This version is the one I got from SourceForge, and is only recent as of March 2011.

Instructions to install:

1) wget

2) tar -xzf mod_httpbl.tar.gz

3) Go into the mod_httpbl_source directory and read the "install.txt" for further instructions on using apxs to compile the module.

I did receive an error message on initially compiling it on a 32-bit version of CentOS 4.8, but I simply compiled it on a 32-bit CentOS 5.5 server and the compiled module worked on both servers without a hitch.

Let me know if you need help or anything.

- Eric Gillette
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: G.Hill3   (1 Jun 13 12:32pm)
Seriously, it's no wonder this project is dying,

without someone with some brains to compile the modules it is hard to implement
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: G.Hill3   (1 Jun 13 12:33pm)
what is an alternative? is there a fee based service similat to this?
 Re: Get http:BL
Author: G.Hill3   (1 Jun 13 1:02pm)
Ok I need to install axps, which means I need to yum install httpd-devel which has like 6 trillion dependancies, just to compile this module one time

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