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 Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: T.Productions   (11 Jan 09 6:34am)
Hi Gang,

Pinged the PHPot Team an email yesterday to see if anyone has done a vBulletin plugin for PHPot BL. Apparently there isn't, so I'm planning to create one for the PHPot community.

Currently I have an unreased modification which allows the Admin to dynamically add the no_email_collection meta tag, plus add the HTML for PHPot Logo on every page. A link to a honeypot can be hidden below the PHPot Logo HTML, but I'll bring that out to be a bit more configurable.

To extend this modification to incorporate BL too will happen during February, with I hope fairly short development.

Currently I'm using vBulletin 3.7.x and not planning to move to the new 3.8 version for some time, so does anyone have any specific need for a modification compatible with the vB 3.6.x series or lower?

 Re: Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: A.Cornelius   (7 Mar 09 8:34am)
I have started getting spam emails to my website mail and every link is from a vBulletin forum. Previously, all of it was links to, but now all of it is the links to various forums. If you follow the links, and click on what is supposed to be various porno, an exe file starts to download on the computer and it says it's scanning the computer for viruses and trojans.
At one forum site, I noticed it said that over 1000 people had visited that particular post. So, if persons thought they were going to see porno and clicked on it, I wonder what would REALLY be downloaded in that exe file to their computers?

If you are interested in any of this or if you want the links, I would be glad to give it to you.

I notified the people at vBulletin but they said it was only because some people did not use strong enough passwords and it wasn't their fault.

I just am so angry with these spammers that I have just started to try to trace them all and report them wherever I can.

I do believe that the owners of the adult-empire site are involved in other things like credit card fraud and the pharmacy scams. At least that's what I have discovered from my investigative research to try to find out what's going on with all this porno spam.

At this time, I am not sure if I am going to put the Honey Pot software on my website as I am afraid of anyone else's email not getting through...just learning about it now.

 Re: Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: T.Productions   (18 Mar 09 5:23pm)

If you are interested in any of this or if you want the links, I would be glad to give it to you.


My post was about developing a plugin for the BL. Nobody has responded since January, indicating a lack of interest, so I won't bother asking again. Anything I develop will be private.
 Re: Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: F.Cherubini   (19 Mar 09 10:43am)
Interested for sure, but I'm still running a 3.0.x forum. I started getting a lot of spammers starting october 2008, something happened back then, the captcha has become useless. I added a profile field with a question which allows me to delete bot users manually. Let us know if you develop something, by all means!
 Re: Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: D.Page   (27 Mar 09 11:26am)
Setup guide here >
 Re: Plugin Dev For Jelsoft vBulletin
Author: F.Che   (21 Apr 09 4:54am)
Thank you! It seems to be working, I'm getting not zero but less spam.
Because I'm using an older version of vBulletin, I just added the code in Step 4 at the end of global.php

Post Edited (21 Apr 09 4:55am)

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