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 How to confirm http:BL Wordpress plugin is working?
Author: B.Timm   (28 Dec 08 5:00am)
I have installed a Honeypot, and installed the http:BL Wordpress plug-in V1.5 and configured it with my Honeypot Key, but am unclear how to confirm the plug-in is actually doing anything. It is not blocking a very persistent Comment spammer on my site, although it appears that my native Wordpress Comments Spam traps (comments with 1 or more links are marked as Spam), or my Akismet plug-in is at least marking the spam comments as spam, but shouldn't the http:BL plugin actually be stopping/blocking the spammer from the site?
How do I check which spammers are blocked?

Honeypot reports no spam activity either...yet I'm being hit with hundreds of spam comments from the same spammer (all from, in Sweden).

Pls help me understand this lack of blocking of this IP. I have searched for plugin documentation and http:BL documentation and cannot find the relevant info on HOW the http:BL is being used by the wordpress plugin.

 Re: How to confirm http:BL Wordpress plugin is working?
Author: B.Timm   (31 Dec 08 10:14am)

I have uninstalled hhtp:BL Wordpress, and installed the Bad Behavior plug-in. MUCH BETTER! I can now see actual results - with the previously prolific comment spammer now immediately blocked by Bad Behavior, whereas http:BL Wordpress was letting the IP through over 500 times and having Akismet catch it.

Now, I no longer even have to see the Spam Comments from these IPs because they're blocked up front.....what a pleasure.

Folks, for Wordpress blogs, install HoneyPot, Bad Behavior and Akismet and your spam issues are over!
 Re: How to confirm http:BL Wordpress plugin is working?
Author: H.Shidou   (14 Feb 09 1:02pm)
Hey tnx for your report!

I was coming here ask if I could use hhtp:BL Wordpress Plugin and Bad Behavior together. Now I think it is secure to keep Bad Behavior doing its job alone.

Just to confirm: if we have Bad Behavior installed with Honeypot Key, we don't need hhtp:BL Wordpress Plugin, right?
 Re: How to confirm http:BL Wordpress plugin is working?
Author: A.Degives Mas   (8 Apr 09 2:12am)

However, if you REALLY want to simplify things - i.e. without messing about in your WP files to include the honeypot links - you could also use WP-HoneyPot, aside from (next to) Bad Behavior and (for example) Akismet.

Also, since its newest release, you can use WP Super Cache by simply switching on the Bad Behavior option. Which means: no more updating / hacking the WP Super Cache files to work together with Bad Behavior.

I think this is the very first time that Bad Behavior, WP-HoneyPot, and WP Super Cache work together flawlessly without any need for hacking in files! And that means, simply put, that you now can support Project Honeypot while using http:BL and Bad Behavior without any real effort, and the added benefit of the WP Super Cache mechanism.

Life couldn't be easier / less complicated...
 Re: How to confirm http:BL Wordpress plugin is working?
Author: M.Ilnyckyj   (13 Jun 09 6:48pm)
If you are getting hassled by a specific IP, just ban it through .htaccess

Adding these lines to your .htaccess file will keep them off your server entirely:

# Block spammer IP
order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

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