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 ASP.Net Site Protection
Author: S.Halsey   (17 Jul 08 9:35am)
I've created a module for protecting ASP.Net websites. You can add http:BL protection to your site by only modifying your web.config if that's what you want. More complex implementations are possible.

Hope someone else finds it useful.

 Re: ASP.Net Site Protection
Author: C.Blankenship   (4 Feb 09 1:17am)
Very nice... and while you're looking for protective solution for ASP.NET have a glance at

 Re: ASP.Net Site Protection
Author: M.Dubreuil   (29 Sep 09 11:27am)
This looks good. Are you using it on IIS6.0 ?
 Re: ASP.Net Site Protection
Author: M.Boughter   (15 Jan 11 7:43pm)
If I set blProtector's test mode to true should I see my blocked URL? If so, it's not working.

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