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 How does one get removed from the http:BL?
Author: M.VanDeMar   (21 Feb 08 11:45pm)
I have a web tool that apparently the IP it is running on has been added as suspicious. It is not a harvester. Is there any way to get an IP cleared from the list?


 Re: How does one get removed from the http:BL?
Author: K.Kulbe   (11 Apr 08 5:03pm)
I have the same question.After I upgraded WordPress and BadBehavior my own IP address was added as suspicious with a threatscore of xx.Therefore when I visted my site I was redirected to the honeypot.
From my understanding it should fix my issue when I change the threatscore to a higher number. Or ?

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 Re: How does one get removed from the http:BL?
Author: M.Prince   (16 Apr 08 3:21pm)
Listings automatically fall off the http:BL listing over time if no bad behavior is observed. We're considering the pros/cons of implementing a central white listing system. Every implementation of http:BL should include some mechanism for individual sites to white list particular IPs. You can also increase the minimum threat score above zero for suspicious IPs, or not blocking IPs that are merely suspicious.
 Re: How does one get removed from the http:BL?
Author: K.Kulbe   (18 Apr 08 8:34pm)
Thanks for the information.

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