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 Using http:BL data for email server
Author: S.Sikrikar   (16 Apr 08 3:10am)
Hello all,

I am wondering if I could use data gathered by honey pot be used by our mail server to deny spam mails. I use qmail-qpsmtpd and I am thinking about writing a perl plugin to connect to and deny mails originated from the listed ips. Would this be a reliable solution to combat spam mails?

 Re: Using http:BL data for email server
Author: M.Prince   (16 Apr 08 3:13pm)
In a word: no.

Http:BL is NOT intended to be used as a DNSBL for mail servers. If you use it for that purpose you will get a huge number of false positives. You will also be in violation of the Project Honey Pot Terms of Service.

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