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 http:BL product for Zope
Author: S.Welter2   (17 Oct 07 4:23am)
Just wanted to let you know that I have a basic Zope 2 Product (something like a "plugin" in other worlds) coded up. It's currently in testing and running on my blog. Still a bit rough towards defining policies, but it has the basic functionality.

I'll write up a bit more documentation and do some more testing, so I expect to be able to make a first release within a week or so (knocks on wood). Planning on a ZPL or BSD style license. If anyone is interested in private testing, drop me a line.
 Re: http:BL product for Zope
Author: M.Prince   (17 Oct 07 10:05am)
Very cool! Let us know when it's ready and we'll throw it up on the resources page.
 Re: http:BL product for Zope
Author: S.Welter2   (24 Oct 07 4:37am)
Here we go!
Finally I have a first release of the HoneyPotBL Zope Product (for Zope 2).

The release page and download is at:

There's working code (in production use on my weblog), ready to integrate into whatever Zope CMS people are using, whitelisting support (for users to temporarily whitelist themselves, policy will be decided by the site), some Documentation for integration in Zope CMS / Zope app code, unit tests, read only access to the dev repo.

It should get more flexible on the "block policy" (currently hardcoded) and there is no "permanent" whitelist. Also more examples for "glue code" to other Zope CMSs / Zope apps are on the TODO list.

It's all open source, under the ZPL 2.1 license.
 Re: http:BL product for Zope
Author: M.Prince   (24 Oct 07 8:02pm)
Very cool! Thanks!!

We'll throw it up on the http:BL Resources page if that's ok with you.

Thanks again!!
 Re: http:BL product for Zope
Author: S.Welter2   (25 Oct 07 6:19am)
Yes, putting it there is OK with me of course :-)

One thing, could you correct my name? "Author: Saacha Welter" should be "Author: Sascha Welter" - Thank you!
 Re: http:BL product for Zope
Author: S.Welter2   (20 Dec 07 6:41am)
The Zope http:BL module has disappeared from the page again. Any reason for this?

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