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 Hang the BOT NETs
Author: J.Yard2   (26 Sep 07 9:47pm)

Started sending http:BL flagged accesses to the following dynamic page. Hits to the site from http:BL bad boys dropped by 90% in just one week. Guess they don't like their bot nets getting hung. It was interesting to watch a few of them pound on the door for a while each day, then finally give up.

Take an hour nap, and if they're still here when wake up, give them an empty page.
sleep (3600);
 Re: Hang the BOT NETs
Author: M.Porte   (2 Oct 07 9:13am)
how will the server load support that if a botnet opens loads of connections to your site and all get a sleeping thread, keeping the connections up for an hour on both side (until the bots give up)?

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