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Author: A.Stanislav   (24 Sep 07 1:53pm)
Since M. Prince has asked for developers to pitch in, I a writing a program called hpotblck (as in HPOT BL ChecK).

It can be used off line to check any IP, as well as within CGI scripts. It is written in C, and I have tested it (so far) under such incompatible systems as Windows XP Professional and FreeBSD, and it has performed good so far.

Before I finalize and release it, I would like as many of you as possible to go to and see if you encounter any problem. It is currently running hpotblck in test mode (which spits out an HTML web page telling you whether your IP is or is not on the blacklist).

If you kindly went there. If it says you are not blacklisted, please take a look at the HTML source of the page it gives you. If the program encounters any errors while running, it places an HTML comment at the bottom of the page saying so. You cannot see the comment on the browser page, you need to examine the HTML source of the page. So, if you see such an error, please let me know. And, please, let me also know if you do not see an error message.

And if anyone here IS blacklisted, by all means visit the page and see if it says you are blacklisted. It would be nice to have someone whose IP is blacklisted to verify that it works correctly.

Thanks, everyone!
 Re: hpotblck
Author: B.Maciejewski   (5 Oct 07 11:35am)
Hey there, I tried it and my site was not blocked. Saw no errors in the source either. Using WinXPPro and Firefox.
 Re: hpotblck
Author: A.Stanislav   (5 Oct 07 4:53pm)
Thanks, Bill.
 Re: hpotblck
Author: S.Sulkowski   (16 Oct 07 7:13am)
Tried it.
Worked for me.
Site not blocked.
No errors in source.
 Re: hpotblck
Author: M.Katsma   (24 Oct 07 5:26am)
My IP is not listed (phew!); no errors reported in the source.

Using Firefox on Win2K/SP4

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