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 http:BL for phpBB 2.0
Author: D.Shechtman   (4 Aug 07 6:00am)
I am very pleased to announce that the http:BL MOD has passed validation by the phpBB MOD Team and has been officially released:
 Re: http:BL for phpBB 2.0
Author: B.Garner2   (21 Aug 07 6:54pm)
I am pleased to announce that I downloaded and installed the validated version just a few days ago with my updated 2.0.22 phpBB version with 3.0.0 EasyMod plugin and the process wen't completely smooth.....and even though I have quite few other Mods installed.


WAY TO GO GUYS!.....and Dolls!

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MyHoPo -
 Re: http:BL for phpBB 2.0
Author: M.Hirsch   (12 Oct 07 10:58pm)
Got this http:BL mod working on my 2.0.22 phpBB board with the Anti-Spam ACP 2.0.8 mod . . . no problems or conflicts.

[mr burns]
[/mr burns]
 Re: http:BL for phpBB 2.0
Author: S.Ross2   (18 Oct 07 12:10am)
I'm not sure whether I installed it or not; at the moment my control panel indicates:

"http:BL is inactive."

.....but maybe that's because it really isn't active yet?

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