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 setting up httpBL
Author: G.Byers   (4 Jun 07 1:42pm)
Need a little direction and help setting up httpBL

I can install scripts and htAcess files etc. Although I am not a programer. I have learned a bit about working with various code and files. I would like to take advantage of httpBL, however, the configuration pages that came with the httpBL access key are a little forigen to me.

Can someone help point me in the right direction?

Books, Web Tutorials ect ?

Once I have this figured out I will start installing honey pots on a number of additonal websites and will be happy to make them shared, but it would be nice to know my stuff is working properly before I start sharing the pots.

Thanks in advance.


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 Re: setting up httpBL
Author: G.Byers   (17 Jun 07 3:37pm)
I have seen all these post here where it looks like everyone is willing to provide help and guidance with honeypot and httpBL but I originally put this post in back on 6/4 and nobody seems willing to point me in the right direction.

Did I offend someone?

If so, I don't know how or why, I am just looking for a little help.

If you read this and can assist me, I THANK YOU in ADVANCE for any help you give!

 Re: setting up httpBL
Author: M.Janssen   (18 Jun 07 11:00am)
Could you post some more information about your setup? Do you use any specific frameworks for your website?
 Re: setting up httpBL
Author: G.Byers   (18 Jun 07 6:53pm)
Hi M. Jansen,

Thanks for your response and for whatever assistance you or anyone else provide

Here it is from the ground up.....

Server Type Microsoft-IIS/6.0
Operating system: Windows_NT

I am allowed to install cgi scripts and work with htAccess files.
Site is php enabled and supports up to version 5.2.0
(I don't write code out right, but have been able to successfully manipulate php and js to a degree, while no consideration has been given to perl)

Have several websites going, one is community BB, which is running on phpBB2 Version 2.0.22 .There are many post here on Project Honey Pot that indicate httpBL works with phpBB.

Several earlier built sites used MS Pub to create web forms that run on frontpage extensions to eMail the submitted info. Haven't seen anyone mention working with FP stuff, but the eMail addresses running these forms get harvested hard and spammed outright, recently however, comment spamers have started submitting garbage into the forms, so they are vulnerable. (If httpBL can also be used to ban the bad bots from here, then these should be okay because humans rarely if ever abuse them.)

I am not looking for someone to do all the work, but hope to learn how to take full advantage of everything httpBL has to offer. Any guidance you provide will be greatly appreciated.


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 Re: setting up httpBL
Author: M.Prince   (20 Jun 07 12:40pm)
We're working on assembling a list of the software that has been created to take advantage of http:BL. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't a lot that is super-easy to install. However, I expect that to change shortly!
 Re: setting up httpBL
Author: M.Janssen   (22 Jun 07 2:54am)

The official http:BL module only works with Apache, not with IIS. You can use one of the many ASP or PHP implementations around (browse the message board) to create your own solution.


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