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At its core, Project Honey Pot is a collection of people from around the world working together to track email harvesters and help stop spam. Some of our members run personal blogs that receive only a trickle of web traffic, others manage national ISPs with tens of thousands of subscribers. What is common between them all is that they are doing their part in this fight to protect the Internet.

Our membership spans the globe, currently representing at least the following 245 nations. The flags below indicate the relative number of participants from each.

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Praise for Project Honey Pot

Here are some of the things people are saying about Project Honey Pot:

“Anti-spammers have a new weapon in their arms race with the spammers ... Project Honeypot opens up a new front in the war on spam. Webmasters can now identify and block robots that harvest email addresses from their websites. Indeed, because the Project collects participants' data and publishes a list of IP addresses associated with spam harvesters, webmasters and ISPs can block all the harvesting robots identified through Project Honeypot.”
— Ethan Preston, Security Focus
“Now this is a great idea! Include email addresses on your website which are invisible to the naked eye, but which machines can read ... Because each invisible email address is a unique email address tied and forwarding to the Honeypot project, it become easy to track who is scraping addresses, and where they are ending up. Think RFID tags for email. Ingenious.”
— Anne Mitchell, Esq., Institute for Spam and
Internet Public Policy (ISIPP)
“Hats off to Matt Prince and his anti-spam fighters at Unspam for starting Project Honey Pot to help identify spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from Websites.”
— Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press
“Most Net users aren't aware that spammers use software programs called harvesters to gather the hundreds of millions of e-mail addresses they spam ... Now a group of white hats is riding across the prairie to take a bite out of spam. They reckon they can make harvesters too risky for spammers to use.”
— Brian Livingston, Datamation
“I've known about Project Honeypot for quite some time, but frankly was skeptical. I was waiting until I heard a success story to write about this project, and I am amazed by these results.”
— Rebecca Bolin, LawMeme
“Project Honey Pot will not end spam, but it has lots of potential. It could put many spammers out of business by providing the data necessary to catch them. It could raise the barrier of entry and lower the profits of the spam business, persuading would-be spammers that it's not worth the trouble. And it could prod legitimate marketers to act more responsibly and send e-mail only to those who verifiably have agreed to receive their pitches.”
— Miguel Helft, San Jose Mercury News
“Webmasters who want to help fight spam can download Project Honeypot's software, which is designed to turn their website into a magnet for harvesters. If the site detects that a crawler is visiting it the software generates a fake email address for the crawler to grab, and records the address of the crawler and the time and date. The fake address then vanishes from the site, but remains valid as a mailbox. Because it is a fake, no one will send it legitimate mail. If any mail arrives it can only have come from the spammer who grabbed it off the Honeypot site, and this fingers the computer that crawled the site as belonging to the spammer. Detectives can then begin building their evidence.”
— Celeste Biever, New Scientist
“Did you ever want to be the guy/girl in the white hat, fighting the bad guys and making the world safe for democracy? If you have a web site, you, too, can be a hero by participating in Project Honey Pot to help rid the world of spam.”
— Cindy L. Chick, LawLibTech
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