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 use sig in a web forum as honey pot?
Author: T.Norris   (4 Oct 05 6:42am)
i was wondering if there is a way to put a hidden honeypot that bots can pick up on but members cant see in my signature on my favorite forum. the forum supports using PHP scripts. some help would be much appreciated.
 Re: use sig in a web forum as honey pot?
Author: C.Dijkgraaf   (12 Oct 05 8:19pm)
I would think for users being able to put hidden contents in a forum would be a bit of a cross site scripting risk, as it would require the users be able to enter html tags, and hence be able to embed things like javascript.
 Re: use sig in a web forum as honey pot?
Author: R.Monks2   (18 Sep 06 5:08pm)
Having a 1x1 pixel image in your sig, linked to your honeypot running on your servers (or a public honeypot; or multiple honeypots) would actually be a good idea. If it's a BBCode supporting forum, make a 1x1 image program in any program (MS Paint, gimp), save it as BMP, GIF, PNG or JPEG (a transparent GIF would be best) and upload it to . Then use code similar to this:

And, volia, increased traffic to your honeypot :)


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