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 First Impression
Author: M.V12   (7 Nov 11 12:35am)
Just started using your service, however I was surprised within minutes to see only my visitors and search engines fill up.
The search engine table reported only 4 ip's if I check the user agents that are NOT LIKE %Google% it's 0 results. This doesn't mean only google is on my site
So in the visitors table with 104 distinct ips I check via user agent how many different "honest bots are there"

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo! Slurp;
This was a surprise, don't know what to say about that from
"This IP addresses belongs to the Yahoo search engine"
Same with Yandex

Less surprised was I that all the chinese search engines are excluded or recognized, although has hundreds of IPs and owns entire block ranges it's not mentioned on your page, they all have a set user agent and they browse non Chinese websites.

Also I saw a suspicious agent slip in
But it is not recognized as a threat, although the user agent is static & the comments complain about his behavior trying to log into peoples forums etc.
Further searching online echos these worries.
9000 sightings in honey pots but a threat level of 1? I don't understand this.

I realize you guys wont be able to identify every good bot individually. But I think your registered users should be able to help categorize search engines and provide links to official sites confirming the ip. I mean you guys don't necessarily speak Chinese, so it would be understandable.
Elect trusted moderators to help review these submissions.
And if x or more of the community see a threat which has a threat rating of 1, how can they warn and push up the threat rating?

I mean the proper categorization of these things helps identify new fake bots much easier

Also I made a Zend Controller Plugin for your service based on the script from (but completely rewritten to Zend Coding standards), if anybody is interested I would be glad to share.

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