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Geographic Location Thailand Thailand

IPs In The Neighborhood Thailand Thailand | H Thailand | H Thailand | HC Thailand | HC Thailand | H Thailand | HC Thailand | HC Thailand | HC Thailand | HC Thailand Thailand
P.Hauser commented...
IP is an open BLUECOAT Proxy, that is abused for all kinds of evil things like comment spamming and general spamming. If you have the BLUECOAT header, you might check the value via GOOGLE to discover what evil things went through this proxy before. Most likely the neighbor-IPs of this proxy are proxies too. You can check the IPs in GOOGLE ('+ proxy').

In this case the proxy was used by a Thai IP that resolves to DNS ppp- Probably in Thailand such a proxy is obligatory for ppp-connections. However through this IP also comment spammers "worked" according to GOOGLE.
September 28 2007 03:02 PM

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