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 Request to de-list from blacklist
Author: T.Yamamoto2   (7 Jun 16 12:36am)
It looks like there was a security problem and our server was abused to send spam emails. We has changed our setting to fix and prevent this. So please de-listing us from your black list
Our IP:

Thank you very much!
 Re: Request to de-list from blacklist
Author: H.User1325   (7 Jun 16 9:47am)
I would suggest two actions IF you have resolved the issue:
1. Login and you will be at <Home><Dashboard> At the upper left side of the screen is a box to "Look up" an IP address. Enter your IP and click <Look up> near the bottom of the screen is link to add a comment about the IP. Explain that you have corrected the issue.

2. At the bottom of this screen click on <Contact Us> I would select "Mistaken Listing" as where to "Rout Feedback" and explain what happened and what you have done to prevent it in the future.

 Re: Request to de-list from blacklist
Author: D.Tseng3   (15 Jun 16 10:15pm)
Please help to remove the IP ( from poor list.
I am administrator of the IP "".
And reviewing are in blacklist by you.
We reviewed our servers and have implemented rules to avoid sending spam, Therefore I request the delisting of the IPs is performed.
 Re: Request to de-list from blacklist
Author: G.Vernadakis   (22 Jun 16 2:55am)
I don't know why my ip ( was blacklisted.
Please, whitelist it or tell me what do I have to do about it.
Thank you in advance for your respond
 Re: Request to de-list from blacklist
Author: H.User1325   (22 Jun 16 5:14am)
When I lookup the IP you provided,, following #1 at the beginning of this thread, I don't see that it is listed.

What makes you think it is?
 Help still getting the your attention is required page
Author: S.Das17   (30 Sep 16 10:48pm)
I have white listed my IP address but I am still getting The "Attention Required" page every time i open a website.I was told that if I white list my IP then this page would stop appearing.
Please Help me.
My IP =

do not follow this link

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