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 Adding script to W12R2 IIS 8.5  B.Munro  9 Sep 16 11:33pm 
 Honeypot Hidden Link- Impact on SEO  G.Verma2  25 Aug 16 12:26pm 
 Get Deslisted  V.Rodriguez3  24 Aug 16 4:33pm 
   L.Lyons3  15 Aug 16 2:12am 
 Quick question about linking to the Project  A.Markley  11 Aug 16 1:14pm 
 search engine not showing correctly  J.Carroll10  16 Jul 16 3:29pm 
 My IP is on this list somehow  N.Bizness  29 Jun 16 4:16pm 
 IP address sending SPAM  G.OKEEFFE  14 May 16 5:29am 
 IP address black listed  A.Agarwal13  8 May 16 6:55am 
 Black Oak Computers - Should We Be Concerned?  J.Editor  7 May 16 3:43am 
 Get delist  J.Silva18  28 Mar 16 11:45am 
 Blocking all but UK and Eire IPs (but blocking MJ12 scumbot)  J.Editor  9 Mar 16 4:32am 
 New Subscriber  D.Weber5  17 Feb 16 5:54pm 
 Sharing Honeypot and site stats  J.Peterman2  13 Feb 16 10:22pm 
 How to download lists of IP addresses  E.Wedaa  14 Jan 16 4:14pm 
 Catching data harvesters, not just email  S.Sanu  5 Jan 16 12:53pm 
 QEBEK  H.Nerd  18 Dec 15 2:09am 
 my honeypots and new host  M.Watson  5 Dec 15 12:16pm 
 Where can I get the API key for my Honey Pot Project account?  T.Sorgdrager  15  28 Nov 15 1:33am 
 Installing on another site  A.Dockery  22 Nov 15 5:13pm 
 Three quick questions  A.Glenday  29 Jul 15 8:52am 
 Sending known spammers to a honeypot page  D.Hoffman  22 Jun 15 5:13pm 
 Suspect IP spoofing or virus/malware; Can't prove either to my own satisfaction.  H.White2  25 May 15 2:57pm 
 wget IP data information  A.R23  15 May 15 3:08pm 
 Capcha page appears on most of the sites I try to acces, I have a dynamic IP  G.Dorobantu  7 May 15 7:54pm 
 Project Honey Pot banner  C.Podwika  16 Apr 15 5:24pm 
 Facebook & Twitter  J.Bess  4 Apr 15 10:25pm 
 Detailed info on threat score  J.Walzer  11 Mar 15 8:37am 
 Serious fraud and scam from Ghana  T.George3  5 Mar 15 10:09pm 
 Cacheing Impact  J.Yard2  8 Feb 15 7:09pm 
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