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 Will IP v6 result in validation errors?
Author: H.Van Der Kooi   (15 Aug 06 6:22pm)
I tried to add a PHP4 version. But I could not get it working but I use IPv6 a lot so my browser is sending IPv6 addresses to the script.

Can the script handle it?
 Re: Will IP v6 result in validation errors?
Author: M.Prince   (17 Aug 06 3:36pm)
Yes. We don't currently support IPv6 through the honey pot scripts. It is one of the things we plan on adding for the next major revision of the honey pots (v.0.2.0). As you can imagine, doing that correctly based on how the site is currently configured will be quite an upgrade. It's definitely one of the things we wish we'd done from day one.

Sorry for the trouble. We'll let you know when the IPv6 stuff is online.


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