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 randomize your links
Author: B.Grady   (17 Jul 06 3:14pm)
Here's how I have a php script insert a random link in every page on my site:

1. copy the links in Step 4 of the "Add a Honey Pot to Your Site" instructions to a text file. Make sure you remove any blank lines between each line of link text. Save the file on your server.

2. Use this handy randomized text script found on

// //

function randomQuote ($file) {
$f = file($file);
$k = array_rand($f);
$q = $f[$k];
echo $q;

Copy the above text to each file you want to have display a random link. If you know how, you can save the code to it's own file and include the file with the PHP include() directive instead.

3. Copy this text to each page you want a random link to appear in the place where you want it to appear on your page (meaning, if you want the random invisible link to be at the top of your page, put it at the top... if you want the random link at the bottom, copy it near the bottom of you page).


4. if all is well, you shouldn't notice anything different in your page. refresh your page a few times and look at the source with each refresh. you should see the link change each time.

if you get ugly nasty errors about not being able to find a file, you prolly dont have the correct path set to your text file.

i'm sure ive done a poor job of explaining this for the non-technical... feel free to ask questions if you need help.
 Re: randomize your links
Author: M.Prince   (21 Jul 06 5:22pm)
Thanks! Anything that keeps the harvesters guessing!!

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