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 Has anybody gotten it to work on Yahoo Webhosting?
Author: M.Hellman   (31 Oct 05 9:32pm)
I've tried in the past without success, but on 10/19/2005 Yahoo supposedly made some changes to their website hosting offerings. As a result, I decided to try again. I uploaded both a Perl and PHP version to Yahoo (I first tried Perl, then PHP) with the same result: I get the activation page, I click on the Activate link and am taken to the Project Honey Pot logon page; I logon, then go to Manage Honey Pots and see that my site is not active. There are two items of note:

1. Yahoo doesn't allow executables, nor the use of the CHMOD command; they claim:

"Yahoo! does not allow you to run your own executable files on our servers. You can, of course, execute your Perl scripts. You do not need to change permissions on your scripts to make them executable: They're recognized as Perl scripts by the file extension .pl." (I changed the extension from .cgi to .pl). (They say much the same thing for PHP.)

2. I don't think that I'm using "browser cloaking software," but if someone cares to define it a little better andc list some of the more common ones I can check to see if I have it turned on.

Any ideas?

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