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 How did this spammer get past my Honey Pot?
Author: B.Bigbee   (31 Oct 11 10:33am) This guy got past my Honey Pot and was not even a member but he posted spam on my forum.

Any idea how?

 Re: How did this spammer get past my Honey Pot?
Author: H.User1325   (1 Nov 11 4:48pm)
I think you may not understand how a Honey Pot works or its intended function.

A Project Honey Pot "trap" is designed to identify IP addresses that harvest email addresses. It does this by giving coded email addresses to visitors that do not pay attention to the posted rules to not collect addresses. When that "special" email address is sent an email it is good evidence that the IP address was up to no good.

This is much different than what you seem to be expecting. There are sw tools that use list of IP addresses to help filter out spammers or block harvester, but that is different than what an installed honey pot is designed to do.


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