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 I helped !! (?)
Author: C.Dyne   (8 Oct 11 5:45am)
I received and email yesterday saying my Honeypot "successfully identified a
previously unknown email harvester".

However, my raw logs say that I.P. hasn't visited my site this month.

Is there a specific issue here?

 Re: I helped !! (?)
Author: H.User1325   (14 Oct 11 3:36pm)
Maybe you didn't go back far enough in your logs. I just got (14 Oct) the same type of notice. When I follow the links in the email the i see that the "last seen" is 3 weeks ago, and
4 email address(es) harvested
- First: approximately 4 weeks ago
- Last: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 03:32:38 -0700

So that would show up in last month's log files.
 Re: I helped !! (?)
Author: C.Dyne   (24 Nov 11 5:37pm)
Looked a good 6 months back and didn't see it. Very strange.

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